Are They Just Messing With You?

1. Almost every morning between 7:15 and 7:45 am, when I am sitting at my desk at the office, a squadron of emergency vehicles with lights flashing and sirens blaring zooms through downtown. Is there really an emergency almost every morning?

2. Does anyone get how to cut a mango? I bought a nice big pretty one and this morning I attempted to slice it into a container and what really happened is that I chopped at juicy pulp and carved a bit of bright orange slush at the bottom of the bowl. It tasted fantastic but overall was a long run for a short slide. I think the champagne mangos have more fruit on them and are half as big.

3. Hey you! You commuting on I5 northbound out of downtown Portland between 3pm and 6pm when the car pool lane is in effect. You are the only person in your car. You are in the car pool lane. You are zooming by all of us with your blinker on as if you are trying to move out of the lane.

You are not fooling anyone.

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