This morning I sent Rubbermaid a message telling them that their Seal n’ Saver product is flawed. I don’t normally do this, which I explained to them, but after wrestling with the stupid cake saver this morning and uttering my favorite cuss word: godf*kingdamnittohellpieceofsh*tmotherf*ker, I felt they’d earned it. (Technically the epithet wasn’t uttered, it was shrieked at high volume because I was very frustrated and in a hurry to get out the door to work.)

They’ve changed their product and since my dear husband has this very tiny flaw of leaving food savers in the trunk of his car for extended periods of time with food product still in them until even bleach won’t banish the odor thus rendering the item fit only for garbage, we need to replace the older and better designed product, with the new blue-lidded product which is all they have at Fred Meyer (other than cheapier, crapier food saving items.)

And the updated version of the product sucks. As I explained to Rubbermaid in my note, we have small, medium and a cake saver version of the updated verision and they are consistently difficult to get the top on. “This is a design flaw and should be looked at,” is what I told them, which Bob thought was hilarious.

So their reply is to give them the product number. WTF? How is the product number going to help anything? I already told them that ALL products with the blue lid are difficult to close. I am an able bodied person with strong hands and arms. What is a differently abled person going to do? What about my mother-in-law? is what I actually asked them.

I knew it was pointless when I sent my first message, which could only be sent after filling out an extensive data-mining form including needing my phone number to which I replied: HA HA HA HA.

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