Glass Walled Bathroom

I’ve had 3 of my 4 main recurring dreams in the past 10 days.

1. Tidal Wave – I hadn’t had this one in a long time but I had it last week. Pretty straightforward dream: I’m somewhere on a beach or overlooking a beach and a regular wave gets bigger and bigger until it’s a ginormous wall of water that turns my knees to jelly. Dream interpretation guides generally see this as being overwhelmed in some way.

2. “I forget to go to class” – Lots of people have this type of dream although usually more in the form of test trauma like the person forgot to study for the test. Mine is always that I keep forgetting to go to class and to do the homework and I can’t remember where the book is and I’m worried what the teacher thinks. And it’s always math. This is often seen as self-esteem thing: not being good enough, being tested or under scrutiny.

3. “I have to pee, but can’t” – This is my most common dream, common being at least 3-4 times a year. It takes many different forms but generally I have to go the bathroom but I can’t because I can’t find it, it’s locked, there’s a long line, it’s broken, it’s dirty or in one dramatic instance, it was in the middle of a party and the walls were glass. I interpret this as being unable to express myself about something.

So in sum, I’m feeling overwhelmed, not good enough and unable to express myself. That could be my entire life. I don’t feel like there’s a particular crisis at hand that’s bringing this all up. [Update: I just read the post below this. hm. A clue.]

4. “I’m going back to college and have no place to live” – This is my 2nd most common dream but not one I’ve had in the past 10 days. It also takes various forms: Which room will I have in the sorority house? Will I live in the dorms? Can I find an apartment? Who will my roommates be? Why did I wait until the last minute? I’m guessing this about feeling like I don’t fit in a situation or maybe a variation of the not being prepared thing.

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