Subtitle: Technology That I Don’t Get or Can’t Figure Out How to Make Work for Me. (Generally meaning I tried for about 3 minutes and then went on to something else.)(Not intended to be a complete list.)

sound files
hands free
my phone at the office
social network websites (probably due more to my relative decrepitude)
Flickr Tags
any sort of scripting or setting up hot keys for frequently used computer actions
virtual pets (yes, I realize this is so 10 years ago, but I found my Yoda pet recently and I never could figure out what to do. I killed Yoda.)
any sort of digital watch programing
anything on my cellphone not directly related to making and receiving calls

Things I Can Work
anything on my cellphone directly related to making and receiving calls
load the dishwasher like nobody’s business (doesn’t really count in this context but I’m throwing it in anyway)
FTP (I can FTP, that must count for something.)

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