I Got The Fever

Bridge and Moon

Work Mt. Hood

I love the digital camera. Since the weather turned nice I’ve been leaving the office in the afternoons and wandering around taking pictures which is a nice break for my brain.

Yesterday I felt a wee bit sketchy as I was driving to work but I thought I might be imagining things since Bob had been sick and I figured once I drank my tea and started working, I’d be fine.

I held onto this notion, even as I felt gradually worse and worse. I had one project I wanted to finish and a couple things to follow up on. But I felt tired and headachy and not hungry so I figured I’d cut my losses and go home early and go back to bed and I’d feel fine on Thursday.

By the time I had gathered my stuff and was leaving the office, there was nothing wee bit about sketchy. As I drove home I developed a rapidly escalating fear that I was going to yak in my car. The speedometer crept up to 70 – 75. I passed on the right. I rolled down a window. I assured myself that I was fine, but hurry.

Drama for nothing. I arrived home intact. My innards continued to roil but since I hadn’t eaten anything, no action. I put my jammies back on, sipped some water and collapsed onto the couch with a pile of blankets and commenced to be achy and fevery and unhappy.

This morning I felt better except still a bit achy, a wicked headache and weak from not eating. The idea of food has become interesting again, but the actual eating part not appealing.

I found some bread and thought: hey bread, that’s neutral. I had two bites and that was enough. Later I opened a can of peaches and picked at a toddler sized portion before putting the rest in the fridge. Maybe I’ll try some soup later.

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