I'm Just A Drill Machine And I Don't Work for Nobody But You
A Girl’s First Drill
Remember back in November when I said I asked my Dad for a drill for xmas? (For some reason that’s not linking to the exact post so you have to scroll down to Nov 4 if you want to see it.) Well, I got one. It’s really cool. You have one battery that you charge and an extra so you can drill with one and have another on standby. You know, when you have a really busy day of drilling ahead of you. And it has a keyless chunk and 2 speed gear and there are bits and kibbles and all sorts of neat parts.

I need to think of some drilling projects. Maybe there’s an abandoned house somewhere and I can drill holes in the walls all day. Have you seen that commercial where that girl goes to Home Despot and the employee is this dad-like for real helpful person who helps her get her whole apartment spiffed up in an afternoon? That’s more than I’ve done in the last, um, eight years since we bought the house. Oh well, I’ve seen 5 seasons of Angel and 7 seasons of Buffy. Not like I wasn’t doing anything. And now that I have a drill that’s all going to change.

We’ve got a smoke alarm to reinstall. Let’s see how many holes I have to make before I can get it right.

Later, pumpkin pie baking. After this, only 12 more cups of pumpkin left.

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