When Ya Gonna Ring It?
There are certain bands that I like the idea of but never listen to. The White Stripes (or White Strips, as I keep typing) is one of those bands.

Actually I’m not sure I even knew what they sounded like but I’m not 22 anymore and my entire self worth doesn’t rely on being hip to the latest bands so I never know what the next big thing is until I’ve been beaten over the head with it and it’s already last year’s next big thing. Apparently at the moment it’s Arctic Monkeys.

But back to the White Stripes – they were on The Daily Show and they played this song called: My Doorbell.

For some reason when he was singing it, I thought he was saying, “I’m thinking about my love bell, when ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it.” And I thought that was sort of clever and went around singing that to myself for a few days.

Then I heard the song on the radio and realized he was singing “I’m thinking about my doorbell … “

I suppose euphemistically or metaphorically [do either of those words apply? can you use them interchangeably?] my version and Jack’s are going for the same idea. But with further thought, my version is fairly 80’s hairband Warrant “Cherry Pie” cheesy.

But then think about his version. He could be thinking about his latest fashion statement: those black and red Lederhosen he found on eBay and when is UPS going to deliver them?

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