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Sew Lookie Here
Have I written about sewing yet? I can’t remember.

I’ve been talking about taking a sewing class forever and when I quit writing that was one of the things I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure what to do about a sewing machine. I knew Mom had one. But I also considered buying one. I checked to get an idea of what sort of features I should think about and that sort of thing. I found a whole thread on beginners and sewing machines and they said, whatever you do, don’t buy your first sewing machine. You need to find out whether you like sewing and what you want to make before you run off and buy one.

Priscilla had already given hers away but 1 email later I had my hands on Doni’s (according to the owner’s manual purchased 2-7-80) via Kathy. This was back in the Fall and I was taking Photoshop then so I decided to take a class in Winter. It starts Feb. 1.

care free stitching

The owner’s manual said if you hadn’t used the machine in a few months, you might want to oil it – only with sewing machine oil. Since I didn’t even sewing machine oil existed, and since who knows how long since the machine’s been used – I thought it would be worth it to get it serviced. I first went to Sears but as I wandered around I realized it’s a godless place and I didn’t want to spend half the afternoon waiting in line and then have to go back across town and wait again to pick it up.

Instead I took it to the local House of Vacuums and Sewing Machines (yes, a real place). Gary told me my machine was “a tank” and couldn’t say enough good things about Kenmore. When I mentioned I was a newbie and starting a class, he told me when I pick it up he will give me a 15 minute demo so I’m not the biggest loser in the class. (My words). He’s now by best friend and if you need to spend any money on vacuums or sewing machines: go to Hazel Dell to the place next to the bowling alley on Hwy 99.

My Little Sewing Kit
In preparation, I cleaned out my sewing box, which was a gift probably 30+ years ago. It’s very cute and it’s been filled with all sorts of little treasures that I never use but could never throw away: a little change purse in the shape of a boot that my babysitter Mrs. McMasters gave me. It has “Pammy” taped to the bottom; a fan that my Grandma brought back from Japan, a harmonica, a yo-yo, money from Egypt, Belgium and France and my girl scout sash.

My Treasuers
I noticed I earned the sewing badge. Wonder what I made. Probably the little blue pin cushion in the sewing kit.

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