Today’s post is about clothing (bottoms) and high waistbands.

I never had a problem with high waistbands. Not even when the style was to have a waistband that was so low, special extra-short zippers had to be invented and the full-monty down low wax became a common procedure. (In some circles. I haven’t gone for it myself, but if I do, you can be sure I’ll share all the details here.)

Pretty soon even clothes for people like me (meaning old and without style) started to lower the waistband. Not to that scary, omigod how does that even stay up Ana Lucia from Lost low — but below the navel. And once I got used to it, I kinda liked it.

Then I had to buy new underwear because all my underwear came up around my armpits and stuck out over the waistband

But still, the high waist haunts me. All my winter tights come up around my armpits. My silk longjohns: armpits. It’s not a crisis because I’m usually wearing sweaters and shirts that hang over the waistband anyway – but not an overall sexy look to have the waistband of your underclothes hanging out over your waistband.

My Mom got me some really cute new sweats for xmas and I love them and their low waistband. Except now my yoga pants stick out. *sigh*

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