Great holiday this year.

We picked up Priscilla and drove to Fort Jones (near Yreka) to visit a longtime family friend of both the Hughes family and my grandparents. John Jenott worked for the Forest Service in both Happy Camp and the PAC NW and that’s the connection with both families. This had nothing to do with Bob and I getting together. We found out about it later.

Old Friends
We visited John at the Marble Rim Gallery which features a number of wonderful local artists, John included. I tried on a beautiful handspun, handknit sweater and fell in love with it before I even saw the price tag. Priscilla bought it for me for my birthday and I’ve barely taken it off since. I’m going to send the artist some pictures of us at the gallery and tell her how much I love her work. We left Fort Jones and took off for Orleans.

This was Priscilla’s first visit to Orleans and we were able to show her around. We took a nice walk on the Go Road and had a great view of town.

Christmas day we opened presents at home. Well, most of the presents. A couple presents got, um, lost in the shuffle and appeared later including some great boots Erin got the next morning.

We had buckmeat and pancakes for breakfast. We kept calling it Bambi but Priscilla still tried some.

For dinner we went to BG & Curt’s and I failed to get a real comprehensive photo of the scene. They had a spectacular tree. BG says with a tall tree you should decorate the top first and then stand it up. Everyone had plenty to eat and drink. Good time.

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