PAMNEWSLETTER 05 is up. I forgot to post it here, just in case I had visitors who didn’t know about it yet. You can click on the small pictures to see larger versions. Enjoy!

I guess I should have clarified that I paid $1.99 *a gallon* for gas. I actually paid $20 which still didn’t fill up my tank.

Also like to report that I finished book #48 last night. I’m half way through book #49 (was reading them concurrently). It’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise and it’s pretty shitty. I would have given up except, you know, it’s F. Scott Fitzgerald. But if you need Fitzy fix, your time is better spent reading The Great Gatsby again.

On the Xmas front: I am very, very close to “being ready.” I have about 90% of my shopping done. We’ve got a tree and the decorations are out. I’m thinking I should bake something xmas-y. Maybe those sticky buns with a secret ingredient that I was going to invent earlier this year.

Here are some xmas shopping tips. Actually, it’s just one tip: do not do it with your spouse. Especially if he’s hungry and hasn’t had his coffee yet. Sheesh. I thought it was the end for us. I was going to brain him with a 4 pound box of Belgian Truffle Orange-Cinnamon Bon-Bons in decorative holiday tin in the aisle at Trader Joes.

We followed that stop with a stop at Sunshine Bagels and as soon as we stepped through the door he was skipping to the counter with a grin on his face, happily agonizing over which bagel to get his breakfast Reuben on. One sandwich and a couple cups of coffee later and Mr. Hyde became Dr. Jekyl again. (Or the other way around, however it works.)

We successfully took care of some other purchases — and here’s the second part of the tip. If you can, do everything you need before Noon. It’s already getting gruesome by 11:00am. We had one potential other stop but wisely decided to come home.

Now I’m going to work on some gift-wrapping and do a few chores. Bob is downstairs, either napping or watching a movie.

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