wall of guitars
Wall of Guitars at Experience Music Project in Seattle. Must be several years ago, look how light my hair is.

Ug. Just finished the paper version of the PamNewsletter. There has got to be an easier way.

The problem is I only use a page layout program once a year when I do the newsletter. In the olden days I just made sloppy margins and cut the photos to fit in the spot and then pasted them in and took the thing to the copiers.

Now my photos are digital and the program has become more advanced which I’m sure is fantastic for all the page layout people of America but for the once a year holiday newsletter types: it’s like reinventing the wheel every time. This is the third day I’ve spent screaming at the computer between all the various versions and photos. My head hurts.

Meanwhile, I’ve had this note scrawled here to give you my review of more movie trailers.

Memoirs of the Geisha: peeyoo. I remember gobbling up this book. I didn’t like the ending but overall it was a great story. I’ve seen this trailer several times and it looks like stinker-time. Sure, the look is pretty but I don’t know. A lot of the movies I object to look like they’re trying too hard (e.g. Cinderella Man, Cold Mountain, which had a terrible ending, who wants to see that movie?) I hope I’m wrong.

The Family Stone: got a little whiff of the stinky. A big pivotal bonding scene rests on someone spilling a big gooey thing on the kitchen floor and everyone slips and falls in it and then laughs? I bet they have a big scene where the whole family sings while clearing the table, too.

King Kong: EXCELLENTE! This is what I want to see on my birthday (probably). Bob was muttering something about Sleator Kinney. HA HA. My birthday.

Pirates of the Caribbean II: yes!

Would it be childish to mention Rent again? Also there was a trailer for a sports movie which looked pretty good but do we really need another “inspired by a true story” sports movie where a scrappy and hard-nosed coach comes in and rattles everyones cage and molds his team of misfits into winners?

I have yet another long and super busy week ahead of me. You might not see me here until next weekend.

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