Turns out I am not having the hairy week I had expected. I had several in-office big projects that have been revised and then I was supposed to go to Idaho for a work related thing for several days and where it is snowing and the low is in the range of 23 degrees. There was an unfortunate event and the meeting(s) have been rescheduled for next week when I’m sure the temperatures will have climbed to a more reasonable range. Yeah, I know if anyone from Nome or Minnesota is reading this blog right now (ha ha) you are laughing into your triple layer wool underwear about now but, I am a California girl. I chill easily.

My Honda CRX had a windshield wiper on the back. Maybe because of the angle since it was a hatch they had to put it on there but I miss it. If you had one you’d realize how useful they are. Last night my Camry back window was dewed up or something that defrost was not going to solve. Not enough rain to wash it clear but a little too murky to make it useful to see out of.

Traffic was all backed up going home from yoga last night — took me 45 minutes when I left downtown at 7:15p. But I did not get impatient since I had 2.5 hours of class yesterday (Noon and 5:30p)(I had rearranged my yoga and other schedules in antipation of going to Idaho and decided to stick with it since I had my clothes and everything.) I drove peacefully in my blissful yoga daze with Def Leppard pounding out of the speakers.

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