Wine Making
Auntie and Uncle were in Portland for a couple of days and we met them and Aileen for breakfast at Bob’s Red Mill this morning. Excellent breakfast. I highly recommend it plus they will meet and exceed all your grain/legume shopping needs.

The bus stop for the kids is at the bottom of the hill from their house. I don’t think I have a photo but will look again.

It’s a long story why but we were talking about electricity transmission and Auntie said that if you run a long extension cord all the way down the hill to the bus stop, you’ve got just about nothing for power when you get to the bottom.

“Is that for something to keep the kids warm?” I asked.

“No, it’s for the Christmas lights.”

After breakfast we started our shopping. Uncle saw Aileen with a couple things in her hands then ran into me with my basket. He said, “I’ll bet Janet has a cart.” Sure enough, she turns down the aisle pushing a cart and holding her list.

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