This one time, at band camp ...
I found it. It was in the bottom drawer of bureau down in the basement. I also still have my middle school P.E. shirt. Why? I throw away everything. I love throwing things away. It relaxes me to get rid of things. Yet I have these 2 shirts, plus my varsity letter from high school and a pair of pantaloons that were part of an actual real dress I wore … in high school? Sounds doubtful, I can’t remember the time frame but I’ve saved them thinking they might come in handy for a costume someday. Too bad I totally forgot I even had them until just now when I went looking for the band shirt.

I’m using this opportunity to show off my pumpkin harvest. They look great, huh. One of those puppies is going to be a Thanksgiving pie. (Probably about 17 thanksgiving pies. That’s a lot of pumpkin there.)

You’d think will all this Photoshop practice that I’d fix the bumps on the pumpkins to make them prettier and make myself look more like Angelina Jolie. I don’t have all day.

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