November Sky
I have only one more Photoshop class left. Now we’re doing stuff with vectors and paths and I only about 50% get it. Today I re-did all the stuff we did in class and it took me all afternoon. But I still like it. I wish the class was another few weeks.

I thought once I started typing I’d come up with more stuff for you but really, I’m empty here. I’m only 6 books away from the 50 book goal, but I’m stuck on the one I’m reading (That Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon). It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s not impossible to put down. I’m going to crawl in bed in a few minutes and read some tonight.

For xmas I’m going to ask for something that my Dad can get me and will probably be fun for him to buy: a drill. I’ve gone through my entire life so far without a drill. How can this happen? All kinds of simple home projects are ignored because there is no drill.

My hand towel ring in the bathroom broke and since there is no conformity in the world — seriously I looked at about 50 towel rings in at least 4 different stores trying to find the same thing — I had an installation project on my hands. The old ring was configured horizontally. The new ring, vertically. I got sick of my hand towel sitting on the counter or shoved onto the regular towel rack (yes, these are the kinds of things that twist my knickers) so I used hand tools to install it.

Turns out I also need a drywall or wall patch fix it kit — or whatever one needs to do that stuff. This hand towel ring was installed with those plastic things you chunk into the wall. God forbid should a heavy hand towel cause the thing to pop out of the wall. I covered one in the remodel but there is a giant red plastic thing/hole by my hand towel ring. Must learn to fix that.

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