Hectic week

money pigs
Lots of leaving early and getting home late including yesterday. Yesterday also included a more than advisable amount of adult beverages which has resulted in today being pretty much a wash. We did get to the farmer’s market and I did 3 loads of laundry and had some good Bob time. But most of the time was spent on the couch with occasional breaks to catch up on reading.

The movie I watched during critical morning couch time was DiG! a documentary about The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols. And I’ll add this explanation since the majority of my readership is probably scratching its head at the moment: those are rock bands. I have passing knowledge of the DW and perhaps have heard of BJM but don’t know much about them or their music. I can’t remember where I heard about the documentary but it is riveting.

It’s a well crafted piece of film and the people are either raging creative geniuses or complete train wrecks: you decide. I love the music and the documentary shows a lot about the music industry and what kind of crap musicians go through. Highly recommended.

The photo above is of two piggy banks that Priscilla gave to us a long time ago. Originally they had candy money in them but that’s long gone. We keep them in our laundry room and all the change that goes through the washer is deposited into the banks. FYI – I do not keep change in my pockets, or anywhere else that would result in it going through the wash. This morning I finally had to empty one because they were both too full and I couldn’t even fit the .37¢ from today’s laundry into either of the little plastic bodies.

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