Cast in Blue

Orleans Bridge

My, this is not looking good is it?

I mean my blogging. I sit down here enough but I never seem to have much to say, or if I do, I don’t feel like typing it. Perhaps I am edging towards ending all writing unless I’m getting paid for it. But I doubt it.

I’m trying to learn more about Photoshop. Kristl loaned me a huge pile of books at the beginning of summer plus a couple of DVDs. I’m getting ready to return all the stuff and I’ve been though almost everything. Still working on 2 books and a couple of DVDs. I didn’t think I would get much out of sitting in front of the TV watching a Photoshop demo, but I was wrong. I get my notebook out and rewind as needed. I’m also taking a class that starts next week.

Here’s the thing. My eMac has a screwed up wire somewhere and my screen color is completely fubar. This happened for a short time while we were still under warranty but it disappeared and I was happy to avoid having to get it checked out. But now the problem is back. Intermittent but on more than off. I’ve done a little research and it doesn’t look good. And I don’t want to spend any money getting it fixed since this is a cheapo computer to begin with. I don’t know what I’m going to do but the point is, I can’t learn or practice anything having to do with color correction because it all looks cast in blue.

I started watching Veronica Mars this summer. I got into about the last 6 episodes. It totally grew on me and I just watched last year’s season finale which had me SCREAMING at the TV. And guess when the new season premieres? What is my ONLY non-negotiable TV show? Yeah, Lost. Who puts VM on opposite Lost? I think VM is one of those shows that they repeat on the weekends so I hope I can still be in the loop that way.

Also, does anyone understand how the DVR recording works? I pick series recording. I pick FIRST RUN and later when I turn on my TV and check My DVR I have 5 episodes of the Simpsons and 7 episodes of Daily Show – every day. I’m going to have to hire someone to come in part time and delete all the duplicates. Can the TV tell I’ve already taped a certain show and ignore it the next time? That’s the product I want.

Also at the moment I’m reading The Perfect Storm. I never saw the movie and I guess I’m the last person on the planet to read the book. It’s like watching the Titanic. You know how it ends but you can’t help but hope that somehow it will end differently. I’m not big on boats to begin with. Someday I’m going to put up a gallery of photos of me on a boat (distressed face) and Bob has a classic of me jumping off a boat looking like I just won the lottery. But this book has ensured that I will never get on a boat, ever again. Not even that boat ride at Disneyland.

Tomorrow the plan is to do some dahlia maintenance. I’ve purchased new bulbs three years in a row, plus I have some red and yellow ones that Kimberlee gave me in the beginning to get me started. I’ve never taken them out in winter or divided them. I also had zero plan when I put them in the ground. Just used a trowel and found a spot and there they went. I do have a record of what I’ve purchased and I have a vague memory of what I put in what year, so tomorrow I’m going to get out there and label them so that I can identify after the first frost when I dig them up. Then I can divide and share. I’m also going to organize them better and get some of the smaller ones out from under the big giant ones. This is all in theory since I can see myself growing tired of this project about an hour into it.

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