Here are a bunch of odds and ends that I’ve scribbled on paper and then never sat down to write about.

1. Obviously I’ve never done my train story and the moment is gone now. Here’s more info on the Lewis and Clark Explorer. We had a wonderful day on the train. The folks who run the train are total Lewis and Clark geeks and train geeks so lots of fun information. The photos of our day are here.

2. In the midst of all my cleaning and throwing things away — which is still going on, I am finding things that I bought and have never used. This causes me a great deal of distress. I imagine there are lots of folks in this world who do this regularly and hardly think twice about it but it makes me feel bad to be wasteful. I have software I never quite figured out and books I’ve never even cracked and clothes I wore once and hated but left in the closet in case I would wear them again.

3. Bob got a new car. I need to take a photo of it. It’s a Honda Accord and he reports it’s like “riding a pillow of air.”

4. I took some of my knives in to get them sharpened. I took my old chefs knife to a potluck thing because you know how there are never enough knives, serving spoons or towels at a potluck? Someone thanked me for bringing such a nice sharp knife and this was before I got it sharpened. It was like a butter knife. I can’t imagine what her knives are like at home. The first time I used it, sharpened, I managed to whack a notch in my index finger. I’m taking the rest of my knives in this week.

5. My note looks like it says “air” or “Giv” — can’t imagine what I wanted to say about that.

6. Bob got me the new Bob Mould on emusic. It’s fantastic. He’s going to be in town in October. Can’t wait.

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