Vegetable Management

I leave work at 6pm and now especially with the new commute situation (e.g. taking the train) I don’t get home until almost 7pm which means making me in charge of dinner preparation is not practical. Plus Bob’s commute is about 5 minutes (when he’s working and he’s off this summer) and he gets done with work (most of the time) way earlier than that so on weeknights Bob is in charge of dinner.

We usually figure out the menu in the morning. On weekends I try to make things with leftovers and we have a freezer full of Trader Joes stuff and we always have a big bowl of salad going so we figure out some ideas of things he can make. Bob is good cook and learning more all the time but he doesn’t do recipes that require lots of steps or advanced skills.

Last night I came home and he had the leftover chicken thing in the oven and some pots on the stove and I opened one and there were about 4 tablespoons of peas being steamed within an inch of their lives.

I had harvested the last of the peas from the garden over the weekend and taped a note on the refrigerator that said: “eat corn peas” so we wouldn’t forget to eat the fresh yummy stuff.

I was a teeny bit disheartened that he’d opted to cook the living shit out of my fresh pretty peas but it was done so I replaced the lid without comment. He saw me and proudly points to the sign on the fridge: “I saw your note.”

“Good,” I said.

“Yeah … that’s the last of the frozen peas. We only had a little bit.”

“Frozen peas?”

“Yeah.” He taps the note again.

“Why would I want to finish the frozen peas?” I go to the fridge, open the produce drawer and show him the bag of the fresh peas. “I meant these peas.” (Also note that the corn was still in there not being eaten.)

“You taped the note on the list with the stuff from the freezer.”

And this is true. I have a list on the fridge that roughly represents the contents of the outdoor chest freezer so we know what we have when we’re planning.

“So?” We spent the next several minutes doubled over in laughter. Then he said:

“I ate some last night, too.”

In a completely unrelated story, yesterday I walked to REI from my office which is a VERY LONG WALK because I wanted to get some new yoga clothes and WTF – they had hardly anything and it seemed like it was all on clearance which means it was all either XL or ugly colors so I went over there for nothing.

On my way back to the office I stopped at See’s and bought a pound of candy as a consolation prize.

Bob said, “I love it. You went to buy yoga clothes and came home with See’s instead.”

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