Goal Goal Goal For the Red White and Blue

On Sunday I went to the U.S. v. Ukraine soccer game at Univ. of Portland, with Aunt Margaret and Aunt Betty. A ball flew into the stands and I touched it. I watched this ball flying up and I’m thinking, please, please don’t get near me (because I don’t like large groups of strangers looking at me, especially if I have a bloody nose because a soccer ball hit me in the face). I didn’t even want to have to deflect it but it became necessary — although the people next to me did most of the work.

But that’s not all the excitement because we got to see Tiffeny Milbrett (formerly of UOP) score her 100th goal and we got to see Tina Frimpong, from Vancouver, make her debut. The Ukraine did not play so hot and when we got home, Bob said that the TV said that they’d had a ton of delays and had only arrived in the US the night before and were playing on tiny fragments of sleep which is a shame.

Another shame is the terrible, terrible pep song that the stadium played when the U.S. scored a goal. It sounded like a cross between Bob Seger and an American truck commercial and went something like: “Goal! Goal! Goal! For the red white & blue.”

Another major shame was the grey haired lady behind us who could not resist the urge to talk during the ENTIRE game. She talked about the game filling us all in on various details, it was just like being there. Except we were. She also was a well fed lady and I thought it was a little nervy of her to so loudly comment on the women who she viewed as being, “not very fit.”

Overheard (after a whistle blows):
Boy:Why don’t they stop?
Mom: Because this is a real sport. Not like baseball.

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