San Francisco Stories

Hi Kids:

I’m home in the middle of 3 back-to-back trips. The fun part is super fun but all the packing and unpacking and coordinating real life with being away is tangled up and a bit of a strain at the moment.

San Francisco Story #1
As overheard in the San Francisco Apple Store:

Guy Walking into Apple Store Flashing New iPod Shuffle: Hey, I just got this. How do I get music on it?
Apple Store Employee: Do you have a computer?
Guy: No.

San Francisco Story #2
Bob and I are sitting at the counter at David’s (sadly, best URL I could find) eating our dinner. I’m to Bob’s left. And older couple sits at the counter to our left. When the man gets up to pay he comes over and stand in between us and tells us that his kids are leftys (me) and he always tells them that if a lefty marries a righty they can eat holding hands. I tell him that we sometimes do.

San Francisco Story #3
In the Airport on the way home I use the restroom. The automatic flushing toilet flushes once when I enter the stall, once when I sit down, once when I reach for toilet paper and once when I’m actually finished. Now that’s efficient.

San Francisco Story #4
We go to the Haight on bus route #7 to go to Amoeba. On the way home a woman alleges to be disabled and wants the driver to lower the step to get on the bus. The driver says it’s broken and she can’t do it. She tells the lady to buck up and drag herself on the bus. The lady complies, bitching and moaning the entire time. She hobbles to her seat and complains. A whole bunch of yelling goes back and forth until the rider screams, “That’s enough. Leave me alone.” The driver says more and she screams again, “Leave me alone.” The lady gets off at the next stop. A guy moves his seat and sucks up to the driver telling her how great she is and she whines how her bus is broken and it’s not her fault. (Well, yelling at the customers is.) At the next stop a lady claiming to be an advocate for the disabled gets in her two cents worth before exiting the bus. It’s an eventful ride.

Meanwhile, I have tons of crap piled all over my room and emails bursting out of the box and a “to do” list that stretches a page an a half. My bangs need to be trimmed. I have gifts to buy. I have a Father’s Day entry to get to. It’s all coming. Stay tuned.

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