Ex-Boyfriend Contest

A couple of months ago I wrote an entry for a bad ex-boyfriend contest for a website.

Originally I was going to post the links and my entry here but I can’t do it. I’m too embarrassed.

I’ve been happy with Bob for 10 years now, why did I even feel the urge to type out an old burn that happened in the 80’s?

My entry scenario, while completely traumatic to me, turned out to be nothing compared to the finalists. At least I never had a boyfriend who impregnated a friend’s mother or burned down my apartment. Getting called in the middle of the night to pick the guy who dumped me, and his date at the police station because she got a DUI and then later being accused of being rude to her, is small potatoes next to the gal whose guy totaled her car in the process of crashing into several parked cars.

Anyway, turns out the judges of this contest totally mocked the entrants so just as well that they paid my entry no mind. And if I might gripe (because, you know, a contest on a web-page is so official) — they called for a 200 word limit and some of the finalists had 3x that many. I might have made my story sound more pathetic if I’d had more words. They never did pick a winner.

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