Ride-On Vacuum Cleaner

The cover of this Sunday’s New York Times magazine talks about modernism — more specifically about preserving modernist architecture. I have no idea what any of this means, I’m just mentioning it because I was relieved that I wasn’t interested in reading most of the magazine: more found time!

My favorite part of the magazine is the Domains column which only runs once a month and features various people in their homes and asks them questions about their stuff. This month the person was Terence Riley, the chief architecture and design curator at MOMA. He talks about living space: “I like having a small apartment … I like really simple spaces you can inhabit.”

I’m not sure there’s a clear connecting line here but this inspired me to think what my ideal living space would be and I decided I would like one big rectangle with walls lined with shelves, cupboards and cabinets and everything put away. I would get a big zamboni ride-on vacuum cleaner and there wouldn’t be a bunch of crap piled around.

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