Found Time

I read an article about getting stuff done that talked about “found time” meaning little bits of time you shave off here and there until you have a whole extra lump of it. I don’t think I’m explaining it very well, but I know what it means in my head.

For example, you’re waiting for your tea water to boil and while you wait, you put away the dishes from last night. Or like just now while I was downloading the 52 mb Chronicles of Narnia trailer, I picked up all the little papers I had sitting around on my desk and made a pile of things that need to go to the office on Monday. [And then I watched the trailer and it looks REALLY good. Yay, and I was so concerned that after my 2 hr and 20 minutes on Thursday morning that I would have no more movie events to look forward to.]

A major found time exercise for me is skipping reading things that don’t interest me or are stupid. And I don’t know why I feel obligated to read everything anyway. Somebody wrote it. Why am I personally responsible for making their time and energy worthwhile? I guess I worry I might miss something. Some fact that will become critical in a work or social situation.

But then look at how much worthless information is in the paper like an article about people lying about talking on their cellphones to avoid having to deal with what’s around them. That’s an article? And today the Oregonian had an article about men who use products (like skincare) which already has a name: metrosexuals and is about 2 years ago. Yay Oregonian, consistently behind the times again.

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