The Other Kind of Funny

I’m fighting off a cold or flu or something. I feel just yucky enough to be annoyed but not enough to call myself sick. But the most troubling symptom is weariness. I had a fairly slow-paced morning. But around 1pm I could barely sit at my desk so I decided to go to bed and read and after about 15 minutes I had to take a nap.

I felt a million times better when I woke up and had a normal day except that I got in bed at 7:50pm and clicked the light off at exactly 9:00pm (and it was a struggle to make it to 9:00).

In the late afternoon I thought I might watch a movie and The Core was on one of our channels. We just got DVR (digital recording) and Bob got highspeed Internet and then the cable company gave us a free upgrade to all the channels again. So at present we have 500 channels (or however many the max is) plus 5 netflix at a time. If there were ever a recipe for expanding butt syndrome, this is it.

But my point here, is that I felt crappy and thought I’d indulge in a TV movie on a Saturday afternoon and I started The Core which is the one with Hillary Swank and Aaron Eckhardt and it’s a sort of Armageddon only under the earth’s crust. If you’re thinking this sounds like the stupiest movie ever, you are correct. I lasted about 15 minutes– while organizing my recipe file — and I couldn’t do it.

A move that is not stupid is About Schmidt (it gets bold because it was good) which Bob and I finally saw for the first time and we loved it. As we were getting to the end we were saying, “I don’t want this movie to end.” Excellent writing. Excellent acting. Not ha ha funny, but the other kind of funny.

Also I see that another Elvis show is coming on, this one with the dreamy soccer coach from Bend it Like Beckham, which would be reason enough to watch anything BUT I am SO OVER Elvis. I was over Elvis about 15 years ago. I don’t think I was ever under Elvis. I don’t care. I don’t understand the endless fascination. Not even the dreamy soccer coach will get me to view.

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