Backwards Train

Today we had some excitement on the train on the way home. A tractor trailer rig broke down and managed to block the northbound side of the tracks. I will give this to Trimet. They were on it and quick.

We had to wait about 10 minutes and then we crossed to the southbound tracks to get around it.

The driver explained all this as we went along but I didn’t realize how long we were going to be on the southbound tracks and as we zipped along I was a wee bit worried about what all the trains headed southbound were doing.

Those of us on the train, of course, knew what was going on but we drove through 3 stations on the wrong side and the people waiting gave us curious looks. A couple people wondered how they got it so mixed up and tried to board the train. Some others were pointing and laughing at us mockingly, as if we were unaware of the mixup.

I was relieved when we finally crossed back over to the northbound tracks.

I’ve only been doing this train thing for about 10 weeks and already a lot of adventures. I hope they all work out as well as this one.

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