Rich Moonlit Evening. And Citrus.

I bought some perfume (I guess they call it fragrance now) from a catalog because, you know, smelling good is a big priority for me. This source appealed because not only do they have the usual jug-size that would last me 12 lifetimes, but also a perfect tiny size which doesn’t cost much and will only last as long as I still enjoy it.

Ordering fragrance from a catalog is sketchy because how accurately can you describe a smell? This catalog says things like, a delicate scent wrapped in veil of dew-covered grass, rich moonlit evening and citrus. Oh. Okay.

I picked 4 and tried them all and then annotated the list. The one I liked best I put a star next to. Another one I wrote “rainy” because it reminds me of a fragrance I used a long time ago that was called something about rain. For the other two I wrote “whorehouse” and “bugspray.”

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