Photos, Books, Alias

I finally invested some time figuring out how Flickr works and updating my photos. I’m going to try to change the photos more often but we’ll see how I do. I don’t know how these Internet people keep up with all the blogging and photosharing and contact lists and iPod playlists and cellphone ringtones. It’s a fulltime job maintaining ones personal technology. There’s software to update and batteries to charge and giant user manuals in 4 different languages to plow through. I have 5 free songs I’ve yet to redeem from the iTunes store.

I finished I, Elizabeth which turned out to be the never-ending novel. I don’t think I’m going to read anything over 400 pages, ever again. No, I take that back. But in general, I will avoid super long books. Do books need to be that long? This one sure didn’t. By the end I didn’t even know who she (Queen megalomania Bess) was talking about. How many Roberts were there? I’m going to find a chronology online to help me fill in the gaps.

RE: books too long. I used to read fantasy books but now I’m daunted before I’ve even started. Who can even type 1200 pages a year? I remember liking a book called A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth which was over 1,000 pages long and I stuck with it with few complaints. Then there was this book by Milan Kundera. I think it was Immortality and it wasn’t close to 1000 pages but it felt like it. I would read for what seemed like ever and only 14 pages went by. I had that book on the nightstand for 2 months and couldn’t believe I wasn’t finished with it yet. It was a loaner and I hate handing a book back to someone and saying I hated it. But I did.

I forgot to tell you a funny story from a week or two ago. Bob hung out with a group of his teacher friends one Friday after work and ended up getting home late (you know, after 9pm) and there was a communication mix up so I was a little annoyed. You know what they were doing? They were watching History Channel videos. How geeky is that? How can you even be mad a a person who stays out late watching History Channel videos?

Last topic for today concerns the show Alias. What happened to this show? It’s like the last season of XFiles, I’m used to watching so I keep watching and I don’t like it. Instead of being drawn into their world, I’m wondering how the actors can say some of those lines without cracking up. I never understand the missions. They jet to some exotic location and have to steal something or talk to someone either in a club, an impenetrable fortress or a crowded street bazaar. The idea of the sister is good but her character is sadly not very interesting. Even Sydney “I have weird posture” isn’t interesting any more. Bummer.

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