No Time For Extras

I’ve watched a couple of DVDs this weekend. The kind with tons of special features.

I know special features are a selling point. People feel ripped off if there are no extras. But truthfully, who has time to watch that stuff? How is your life improved by seeing a trailer (a commercial) for a movie that’s been out forever and you’ve already seen the film? Who has the time and desire to page through photos or costume drawings or read a script on the TV?

Interviews are nice. I like hearing the filmmaker talk about the film and some commentary tracks are excellent. But some are just people talking, obviously trying to think of things to say. Or endless butt kissing about how talented the people who made the film are — do I really want to hear that?

The Lord of the Rings movies have multiple commentary tracks. It takes a special circumstance for me to have 4 + hours to watch a movie I’ve already seen anyway, much less all these extras.

I’m not saying the extras are bad, I’m just wondering how many people really take advantage of them.

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