Rebirth Brass Band

We saw Rebirth Brass Band last night.

The tickets said the doors opened at 8pm and the show started at 9pm. We arrived at 8:25 and first they said they weren’t open yet but then they decided that right at that moment they would let people in. But they told us that the band wasn’t in the building although they’d called and assured the club that they were “10 minutes away.”

The two of us and another dozen people about our age funneled up the stairs and into the club. By the time the band started playing at 9:15pm there was a decent crowd gathering. (This always happens when Bob takes me to something I’ve never heard of. I develop this bizarre misplaced distress that no one will come see the show like I’m personally responsible and the people will feel bad. It usually ends up being packed to the rafters.)

The crowd was half people like us, big music fans (or their significant others) and the rest were hipsters. I could tell because the girls all part their hair crooked and have ironic accessories like purses made out of cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. The guys have ponytails or carefully sculpted bed-head and shirts with heart-stopping patterns. And they all wear pathologically quirky eye-wear.

It was super fun. The band is from Louisiana and plays kick ass party dance funky fun music. We had a blast. AND they finished at midnight. I was in bed by 12:30a.

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