Short Ends

I only have a couple of minutes for some short ends here as a show I may or may not be getting into is about to start. The show is Point Pleasant and someone who worked on Buffy is connected. I watched an episode last week and my basic conclusion was that it was a shame because the show worked about 90% — it’s almost there but not quite. It’s almost original but yet it all feels done before. The lead actress is charming, but not quite charismatic enough. I’m giving it another try, that’s how close.

Some jackass loser smacked my car last weekend. Not just a scuff — there’s paint chipped and the bumper will probably have to be replaced. This person knew s/he hit and ran. Bob did a work related trip to Corvallis and there were many government vehicles around so we suspect this was the location and reason for someone’s bad behavior. I’m trying not to get exercised about it because it’s only a car and no one died but I would never be that big of an asshole so it bothers me that someone else felt okay about driving off and leaving it.

We did a Trader Joe’s run tonight and bought this triple cream blue cheese that should probably be illegal. It’s too yummy.

Finally, sometimes I feel like a loser because I can become overwhelmed so easily and my life is relatively stress free. It only takes one or two little things to be unpredictable or veer off course and I start to feel undone. That’s the kind of week I had. I feel undone.

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