Movie Binge Weekend

It’s almost bedtime and I shouldn’t even start this as there is never such thing as a “quick post.” I’ll hammer a bunch of stuff out and then notice that it’s somewhat incoherent and riddled with typos and a few words need spell check and then some grammar will look sketchy and then I’ll elaborate more and next thing you know, 45 minutes have gone by.

This weekend was movie binge weekend although we ended up pooping out, partially influenced by the weather. On Friday I saw Finding Neverland (warning: non-specific spoiler on this one) which NO ONE warned me was a 10 hankie film. I expected at least a 2 hankie film. Why make a drama if you don’t want your audience sniffling before the end? But this was much more tragic than I’d expected, mainly due to a scene with a small child capable of holding a heartbreaking expression for what seemed like ever. All this aside, it’s an excellent film. Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet are fantastic.

Later that night, Bob and I went to a double feature at the Kiggins of Closer and I♥Huckabees – which is an odd bill. Closer was intense, but I knew it was about people being wretched in relationships, I expected it to be more repellent and really, the characters were quite human in that they made selfish choices and reacted poorly when things didn’t go their way. Excellent acting all around. I don’t know what to say about Huckabees. It’s an odd picture, somewhat funny, far-reaching. It doesn’t succeed but was fun to watch anyway.

The weather people had made dire forecasts for Saturday that we’d be getting snow and ice so when we woke up Saturday morning and saw perhaps a teeny sheen of ice on the world outside our window, we scoffed and continued our day without incident. Later I saw on TV that Portland had more than a teeny sheen so perhaps we should be more grateful.

Saturday afternoon we went to see The Aviator and I was pleased to see the theater was fairly full. Yay, people going to see a good movie. Of course I would quickly regret this as a couple of bucketheads with their not-too-swift buckethead kid sat next to us and proceeded to talk as though in their own livingroom for a goodly portion of the movie. As soon the film started the kid started in, “Why are they doing that?” and I gaped at them in astonishment as they chattered away explaining to Forkwit what we were watching.

We beat them into unconsciousness and then turned our attention to the movie which is quite good, again, with fantastic acting but Howard Hughes was a grade A nutjob and held our sympathy by the skin of his teeth. Also, no movie, barring those with elves and hobbits OR Jedi and stormtroopers, needs to be 2 hr 45 min long.

When we exited the theater, the freezing rain was falling and we had to tiptoe along the sidewalk to get to our car. (I touched down once for a slight deduction.) Bob drove slowly and we made it home without incident. We intended to see Bad Education (Pedro Almodóvar) on Sunday which was only playing in Portland, but when we woke up there was more ice and we decided to cocoon it for the day and watched Kill Bill v. 2 on DVD instead. Excellent and entertaining in every way. I didn’t know what to expect and I was surprised by what I got. Wish I’d re-watched v. 1 before we saw it

Finally, we’d intended to see House of Flying Daggers today but instead ended up doing chores and so forth. The temp. warmed up and the ice disappeared but we never got it together. I started reading Three Junes which Doni loaned me a month or 2 ago and as usual, I read the first 20 pages and didn’t think I would get into and found myself still reading 100 pages later. I’m back to it. Good Night.

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