More Space

A couple of weeks ago Bob set a piece of the NYT aside for me and said it was “Pam porn.” I’ve been carrying it around with me and finally looked at it this week and he was right. It’s all about organizing your home. (If you’re checking the NYT archives, it’s from Dec 30 04 the House/Home section).

The article focuses on NY apartments with space issues and how the owners created more space using all sorts of clever cupboards and shelves and cabinets. So cool.

Right now we’re battling a kitchen space problem. If you’ve ever seen our house, you’re probably choking on your coffee about now because we have what would seem to be a gigantic kitchen area for a home our size. But the cabinets, in addition to being shoddily made and even more shoddily painted, were built by crazy people who never used a kitchen before and it’s like tons of space where nothing fits. We’re looking into a quick fix (since we don’t have $7K-$20K for cabinets like in the NYT article) and are rearranging stuff in the utility room to make room for more shelving. It’s the $100 plan.

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