V is for Verdana

Just in case there’s anyone left who didn’t get the memo:

PamNewsletter 2004 is ready. Well, I never fixed the problems with the way it displays in other browsers but hard cheese. I’m not going to worry about it now.

Stories and photos from our recent trip are here.

I had an excellent birthday. Thanks for all the birthday love.

We also had a great New Years and actually went out. To a bar. And saw a band. Although to be completely honest, we left before midnight. Come on, we have jetlag.

I was going to try to assemble some thoughts summarizing the year we just finished and make optimistic pronouncements about the year to come but the only note I made was about learning a short cut for changing the fonts on my computer because I only like to use verdana and it’s a “v” which means I have to scroll through all the fonts every time to change and I’m sure there’s some easy way to do this but so far nothing I’ve tried has worked. But this isn’t such a grand thing to talk about in a year end/year beginning treatise.

Instead, I leave you with my current mantra: everything is going smoothly and easily.

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