Garmisch-Partinkirchen Xmas

We’re home. It’s almost 3am local time and about lunchtime tomorrow on our time clocks. It was a long trip but all went about as well as could be expected.

We flew Munich-San Fransisco this trip which was quite different. A huge range of diverse peoples on this flight. It took about 30 minutes to distribute the special meals. There was one kid (actually there were more children on this flight than I’ve ever seen on a plane in my life) who was bouncing off the walls in the the most annoying manner possible but he settled during the middle of the flight and thank God he wasn’t “seated” in front of me. Later at the baggage claim, I saw his family picking up their luggage with big “New Delhi Air” ties on them and I had to have some respect. That’s a long-ass day for anyone much less a small child.

We had a long wait until our Portland connection but we relaxed in the bar. This flight was less than perfect. There was an earlier flight and I asked if we could get on it and turned out we couldn’t but the guy asked to reprint our boarding passes and when we got ready to board I saw that we’d magically been reassigned from row 14 to row 25 (apparently the last row, 26 was already full.) This irked me way more than it should have. On this flight the bathrooms were broken and someone behind us got sick. I think it was the little girl because she sounded a bit weepy and as we were leaving the plane, the Dad held up the bag and said, “This has been an exciting flight.” Also a woman had a panic attack or something and the flight crew paged for someone with medical training and she and her boyfriend sat in back trying to keep her calmed down. The guy next to me had the hiccups and told me he had them all day.

The cab ride home was also a bit crazy. Aren’t there some very basic aptitudes a person must have in order to drive a cab? Say, a basic grasp of English and a basic grasp of the region in which he will be driving? GPS doesn’t do jack squat if you have no clue and this man had less than no clue and for extra difficulty, talked on the phone half the time. If it were a sitcom, I would have ended up driving home.

But who cares? We’re home and I have about 2 months worth of Prinzen Rolle. I’m going to take some herbal sedatives and see if I can get some sleep. More photos and stories to come.

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