GAP Weds 1:15PM

I had some time on the computer and when I got in here I didn’t feel so much like writing so I went around and checked my gossip and regular sites and checked up on how the credit card bill is looking (not so bad). So, now I’ll squeak out a quick note before lunch.

The night we arrived even the locals were going BRRRRR and commenting on the cold. Flori said it was -20 C which according to the handz conversion page I found is about -4 F. I was cold but not miserable and felt better to see the regulars were cold as well. Right now it is -10 C which is about 15 F.

The first night we were here, Lisa had a party with her English students and Bob and I joined them. We went to a nice, small restaurant where Lisa knows the owner-chef and we chatted with the various women and helped them practice their English. One woman had actuallz been to Vancouver and visited the Portland area frequently so we had some things to talk about.

Yesterday Bob went with Flori to Deggendorf to visit the campus and meet with the President of the school. They will return this evening.

Lisa and I spent a lot of time hanging around visiting and drinking tea. We went for a long walk in the morning and turned in some bottles and picked up some food items and then went to the vegetable market and picked up additional food items for the meal.

We had a pot of soup with the kids for lunch and then headed out doing the Mom with 4 kids things: drop off one kid and then take another to try on clothes for a xmas present, then pick up the first kid and drop of the second and then to a different store for another xmas present for a different kid and then back to pick up the second kid and then drop off the third kid — we did this for at least 3 hours. By the end, everyone had choir practice and piano lessons and French dictation and xmas presents and a ride at the Kristkindlmarkt and then home for dinner.

This morning we went to Annie’s class for her holiday party. It was an international theme and everyone brought foods to eat and there was a belly dancing show and then magic tricks. Quite fun.

Annie has just called me for lunch so off I go.

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