Lovely Blue Ribbon

I needed to buy this fancy product for a gift. Normally I would get it at the spa but since I wasn’t going to be at the spa before I gave the gift I decided to order it online. The reputable seller I would normally use was out so I randomly searched for the cheapest price and placed my order.

Yesterday I got one of those orange cards in the mail that says I have a package from Hong Kong that I need to sign for at the Post offce.

I had a box to mail anyway so I trucked down and showed my ID and got my package from Hong Kong. Get this: the shipping box had a lovely blue ribbon on it. Have you ever seen that?

Turns out it’s the product. The online store said it was in CA. I was a little nervous that I bought a knock-off but I opened the box and if it’s fake, it’s a brilliant fake. It even has the insert about the product in about 10 different languages. So what’s the gimmick why they can sell it cheaper from Hong Kong and does this violate any laws?

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