I jumped on the computer about an hour ago to write you all a nice story about my Thanksgiving but first I decided to take care of a gift I needed to order and the farking corksmucker paypal order system wouldn’t work and kept telling me to try entering my information again. After the 4th time I felt like braining myself. I still feel like braining myself. Do computers really make our lives easier? By the way, I still haven’t straightened out my automatic billpay with verizon — another feature intended to make my life easier and it works if easier means spending 45 minutes on the computer trying to pay my bill, then calling to tell them I’m having a problem only to learn that if I have online billing, they can’t help me on the phone so I log back in and the computer tells me if I’m having problem with my online billing to please call. You can see why I’m a little agitated.

Enough about that.

Thanksgiving turned out excellent. We had the family here and had numerous fantastic meals, including the traditional Turkey Day chow. We did some Black Friday shopping — something I haven’t done in 100 years and it wasn’t as hideous as I’d imagined although we were already on our way back home by Noon. We had dinner and jazz at Salty’s, we went to the Portland Art Museum and we saw Sideways. Excellent time.

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