Man, I didn’t get to a lot of odds and ends I needed to get done today. I did get to the candle party.

My email comes to two main accounts and I have spam filters on both of them. One of the spam filters changes the subject line so that I can filter the messages directly to the trash. The other spam filter, at the address that gets more spam, changes the body of the message but that doesn’t help me filter it when I get my mail. I figured out I could filter the spam using this other method that I don’t completely understand and won’t even try to explain but I have to go log into this webpage to see it. I haven’t checked it for about 2 weeks and this morning I logged in and there were 82 spams. It took forever to figure out how to delete them, too. I wasn’t about to do it message by message.

I know, a thrilling entry.

Maybe you’d be more interested to hear that the bean store has expanded into a bigger store that also serves food. We got up early Saturday, drove across town, and had breakfast before we stocked up on beans and grains. Bob got an omelete with pancakes *and* biscuits. It’s a good place.

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