Last night we went to the Candlelight Tour at Fort Vancouver. It’s only about 7 minutes from our house but I’ve never seen it. (I’ve seen the Fort, but only during the day.) The whole place is lit only in candlelight and there are tons of volunteers dressed in period costumes who act like it’s late 1800’s and you can watch them in the carpentry shop or at the blacksmith’s or baling up the furs and counting them for sale. You don’t interact with them but there are other volunteers around to offer more details and you can ask them questions. The night was clear and a little bit cool – it was the first time I’ve had my sweatshirt out since Spring. I was impressed that they had so many people who wanted to spend their weekend evenings dressed in those costumes talking about the British and fur traders in the low light. Didn’t see any Indians though. Where were they?

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