I finally found a bathing suit. I haven’t bought one in 2 years and finding the one I bought 2 years ago was an ordeal, too. Can’t there be 2 piece bathing suits that offer ample coverage of all the parts I’d like covered? Are the choices, skimpy nothing or massive coverage? I gave up the notion that I would choose a color or design that I liked a long time ago. Also price doesn’t matter. Just finding something that fits. I’ve already looked a few times earlier in the summer without success so this was the desperation trip. I would have settled for anything if I had to. Of course this is the PAC NW so bathing suit season is only about 10 weeks so not like they have that much to begin with.

I checked the clearance rack at M&F in Vancouver and tried on everything in my size — my size varies so amazingly depending on what I’m buying and where I shop — clothing industry: PLEASE STANDARDIZE. Struck out there so headed to Nordstrom which also had a dismal selection. The nice young lady asked if I needed help and I said, “I want a 2-piece bathing suit that covers my ass crack and supports my breasts.”

“Yeah,” she said and nodded, agreeing that such a beast would be a nice thing to find. Unfortunately, hardly anyone makes bathing suits with underwires. Earlier this year I was told that hardly anyone was making bathing suits with high waists. She had ONE style with underwires and there was ONE piece in my size and the bottoms had a nice high waist and there was ONE piece in my size. And the color was decent. So hallelujah, I have something to wear to the river and I don’t have to worry about buying another bathing suit for awhile.

Later we went to see The Manchurian Candidate which I cannot recommend. The run time is just over two hours and it felt like longer. The acting is good and the story is somewhat compelling. It just went on and on and layer upon layer of intrigue and secret this and undercover that – it didn’t hold my interest. I have Love Actually from Netflix and way back last year when we saw the trailer Bob moaned and groaned about how dreadful it looked. I’m thinking he should have to sit through it with me for pay back. (Except that his moaning and groaning would detract from my enjoyment.) There was a trailer for Alexander (Oliver Stone) with Colin Farrell as Alexander. I loved The Persian Boy by Mary Renault when I read it a few years ago but how can I look at Farrell in that Bon Jovi hair and not want to laugh? Did NO ONE on the set see that and think maybe his look should be re-thought?

Today I’m going to rearrange the furniture in my room. When I got the computer cart I stuck in the only place it would fit which means now my back is to the door and I don’t like that. Not sure how I’m going to do this. Maybe I’ll take before and after photos.

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