Running Part Doesn’t Matter

Bob and I are doing the Run Hit Wonder tomorrow — I’d provide a link except the site is one of those flash-heavy, information-barren sites so I’ll spare you the endless download to watch a tour bus bounce and just tell you about it. Nike and VH1 are doing this 5K/10K race with classic 80’s bands Flock of Seagulls, Tone Loc, Dramarama, Tommy Tutone and General Public. The bands play at different spots along the route. At the end of the race is a show with Devo. I’d argue a majority of those bands aren’t one hit wonders and the terminally cool Mark Mothersbaugh Devo agrees. In the Oregonian he says, “I’m not thrilled by that name. Considering one of the most highly touted ad agencies Weiden+Kennedy, couldn’t come up with something better than that shows you the level of creativity these days. It’s just stupid.”

Just to make clear Bob and I don’t run and don’t care about running. But Walker did the race in LA and said it was blast to see the bands and the running part didn’t matter so we decided to sign up for it. Apparently Nike thinks the running part does matter because they sponsored a bunch of training runs and provide copious instructions dealing with their timing chip that we’re supposed to tie to our shoes. I’m not doing it. Maybe it’s the wrong attitude but I think it’s none of their business. But Nike has other goals. I’ll quote from something provided in our informational material: “You Trained. You Ran. Go Shop.” (with coupon for Nike store) You can see the logical, linear progression.

The bands share our interest in running. Mike Score of Flock of Seagulls says, “It’s one thing to play in the morning, but what are all of these people running for? The only thing I can run for at the hour of the morning is a donut. The running part of this event is certainly strange.” (Every time I hear “I Ran” I think about dancing to it at this teen club in the Valley called Phases).

Jerry Casale from Devo also had a good quote. He said, “It’s a beautiful thing to be performing in front of thousands of runners dressed exactly alike (each participant will sport a Nike Dri-FIT running shirt with a preprinted race number) dancing to “Freedom of Choice.”

We going to hear bands and have fun. I’ll take lots of pictures and tell you a story about Tommy Tutone tomorrow.

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