Banana Butter Syrup

We went to Seattle this weekend for the Celtic v. Chelsea soccer game at Seahawk Stadium. I’ll omit the part about how our party of 6 ended up getting divided into three groups due to various work schedules and activities for children but the gist of it is our team, Bob, Joyce and Pam arrived at the stadium first and scoped out our seats which were in full sun and fairly toasty. Since we were early, we opted to stay in the shade by the lemonade stand and ponder the bizarre hanging banners which looked like outtakes from a “My Little Pony” convention.

The rest of our group arrived before start time and precisely at that time, the sun had moved just enough so that our row (and everything behind us) was in the shade. A soccer miracle!

It turned out to be a great, fun game. Both teams played well especially considering there was no shade on the field and it must have been in the 90’s and it’s not like it was anything more than an exhibition game although I don’t know. Maybe they get cash incentives for winning. The paper reports:

“Chelsea did not play its best players yesterday against Glasgow Celtic in the ChampionWorld match at Qwest Field. … Yet Chelsea won, 4-2, exploiting the Celtic defense throughout the 90-minute match before 30,504 on a blistering hot afternoon.”

I wasn’t rooting for one team over the other although our section was strongly in favor of Celtic so it seemed best to cheer the loudest for them.

After the game we went back to Ken and Joyce’s and enjoyed refreshing cold beverages and cooled off somewhat. It was something like 103 in Vancouver on Friday so just about anything felt better than that. I had no complaints about Seattle. Hannah, Andy and Lily joined us later and we had pizza and ice cream bars and went for a nice walk and enjoyed the sunset and the breeze.

This morning while bathing I knocked the shower thingy off its holder and it hit the tile and reconfigured into numerous pieces. I’m sure to be invited back soon. We met Charlene and Kris for breakfast downtown at this place I can’t remember the name of and I can’t find via a quick online search so instead I will tell you that I had French toast with banana butter syrup which was fantastic and had a fancy name that I also can’t remember. This is why you should always take notes.

We’re home now and watering has never been less appealing. I resent the plants for needing the attention.

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