Car Woes

[Sinead, if you’re reading this … cover your eyes.]

So, I thought you should know the result of my Toyota woes and if you’re not in the mood to hear me rant you might want to reread the last post or check out my second cousins and come back later. Let me just post the actual words: Toyota Sucks, here so that all those folks plugging the words into their search engines can read my story. Yes, Toyota bites big wiener.

To recap — the problem in my untechnical explanation is that the engine computer and the fuel injectors aren’t speaking and all need to be replaced. Warranty covers the computer but fuel injectors expired about 15K miles ago and the extended warranty covers just about everything except fuel injectors. It’s a known service issue, I have a copy of the bulletin and according to my helpful service advisor at Toyota –she’s seen lots of Camrys with this problem. Toyota offered to split the $940 part of the repair not covered by warranty w/ me and I said I thought Toyota should pay for the parts, we’d pay for the labor. It’s a known problem for crying out loud. Doesn’t Toyota want to stand behind their very own parts? I had to call the Toyota “Customer Service Experience” (their words) line and this time I spoke to Gary and if I may be candid, he was a real prick. Not because he didn’t want to help me with my problem but because he made me feel like an asshole for asking. Like I should be doing back flips because Toyota offered to pay for half the cost of replacing its shitty parts. I’m going to do the repair because at least I can get half from ooh, their good will. And for the record, I was unhappy with Toyota before this all happened. Its customer service sucks and its car service sucks. I had a miserable experience at Vancouver Toyota and Beaverton was mediocre and I don’t know what to think about Broadway. I mean, hey, its got gobs of good will and everything. Also, and I realized this the second day I was driving the car, and it’s not Toyota’s fault but what the hell am I doing driving the most boring middle-aged suburban housewife car of all time? As soon as I scrape together some extra money I’m buying something convertible with two seats.

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