Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend I’m doing an extended yoga workshop with David Magone who is one of my former classmates and fantastic teacher although I don’t think he gets enough junk food or something because he’s developed some crazy ideas and has managed to find variations on even the simplest poses to turn them into agonizing marathon holds and painful pretzel variations. Truthfully, it’s incredibly fun although there were moments in both sessions yesterday where I wasn’t sure I liked him anymore.

One session was in the morning and the other in the evening and there didn’t seem any reason to go all the way home so at first I intended to go to the office between sessions. But then I decided to take MAX to Lloyd Center to use my Ann Taylor gift certificate. I hardly ever use public transportation and both outgoing and returning I had to help other people figure out what they were doing. Same thing when I used BART in SF. Good thing I’ve had all this practice in cities where I don’t even speak the language. The train was packed due to something at the convention center. Lots of professional looking people with bright green cords for their badges and dragging around big bags. We also had a “colorful personality” – some guy who looked like Ted Nugent who felt it was important to warn us something about the military following us. Unfortunately I had to exit the train before I got all the details.

Struck out at the mall. Nothing fit. I tried various sizes petite and not and none of it worked. I did run into Mark from my writing class and caught up with him so it wasn’t a total waste. When I got back to the office I ended up taking a nap because the yoga workshop almost killed me and also I went to bed late because we saw Ian McEwan at Arts & Lectures. McEwan was detained at the border and told us we should be pleased that homeland security was protecting us from British novelists.

Last night on the way home from the second yoga session I stopped to buy gas. I haven’t been to the gas station on a friday night at 9pm in eons and it was the happening spot with a group of kids that looked like A.J. Soprano and pals standing around and a lot of small beat-up old cars squealing out of the parking lot.

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