Fry The Lightning

X Files

I’ve been in the mood to watch X Files lately. I found some moldy tapes in the video closet and watched both Tooms episodes (season 1) a couple of weeks ago (still creepy). This week I rented an Episode 3 disc from netflix because I wanted to see “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” the one with Peter Boyle, which was just as good as I remembered. The whole disc was classic. Remember the first three seasons when XFiles was unbeatable TV?

The first two episodes on the disc were season openers which completed a 3 episode story that had aliens in train cars and Indians and stolen files and Krycek. I convinced Bob to watch the fourth episode, D.P.O., last night. Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black are in it — GR plays this nutty guy who fries people with lightning while loud rock music blasts. JB gets fried in a shower of quarters. Awesome.

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