Efficiency Eludes

Still trying to get this new system organized. Efficiency eludes me. I have a complaint about OS X which is it has that annoying windoze quality of making me confirm every stupid thing I want to do. I hit a keyboard command to bookmark a webpage and then I have to click again that yes, I do want to add as a bookmark. It asks me if I’m sure I want to shut down. All the double whammy not necessary.

Also CBS apologized for the OutKast Indian number. Quote: “CBS television on Friday apologized for any offense taken at the American Indian-motif Grammy Awards performance by the hip-hop group OutKast that some Native Americans have condemned as racist.” … ” ‘We are very sorry if anyone was offended,’ CBS spokeswoman Nancy Carr said when asked about the NACC boycott. She declined to comment further.” How perfunctory is that?

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