New Computer


I got my new computer on Thursday and we’re having a tough time getting used to each other. First of all, I’ve never used OS X and sometimes when I want to do something that normally would take me about 10 seconds and it takes me 10 minutes because nothing is like I remember it, well, I call my new pretty machine “a piece of sh*t.” Second, I am still using the desk that my Dad made for me when I was in the 7th grade which is a great tribute to the solidity of the stuff my Dad made, but hey, I’m a grown up now (and have been for some time) and desperately need a bigger desk. This desk was ridiculously small for Yoda, the iMac and is downright absurd for the mammoth eMac. So it’s uncomfortable to use. Also, the keyboard is different so things I used to do w/o looking are now all forked up. Also, I’m still getting all my regularly used software loaded, upgraded and preferenced like I want. I’ve got a lot of work to do still. But I can tell after I’m used to it, I will love this puppy.

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