Presidential Precinct Caucuses

Today I went to my first presidential caucus and it was awesome. We met downtown at one of the government buildings where four local precincts were meeting. The room was way overpacked — so many people cared enough to be there at 10am on a Saturday morning– I was impressed. Everyone clapped when Brian Baird (HR) came in and several local government reps were also present.

Lots of people were saying that it was their first caucus. Lots of people brought their kids. The representation was full spectrum — all ages, looked like even split on gender. Our precinct was one of the smallest ones and I’m not sure if that has to do with the way the precincts are organized or suggests an apathy among our neighbors. I’ll go for the former. We walk almost every morning and it was fun to recognize other walkers that we see all the time and wave “hello” and exchange small talk with.

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